Gift Guide For The Snowbird

There are two types of people in this world, those who embrace winter with its snow and its cold, and those who run from it. This gift guide is for the latter- the snowbird, the ones who head for warmer climates as soon as the holidays are over and hide away for the duration of winter. The snowbird isn't looking for practical gifts, they're looking for ones that will take them far away and have them dreaming of sunshine. These items will do just that- each one dreamy in their own right.

First up, we've got an Anti-Aging Set from Soleil Toujours. This would be like giving the gift of beautiful skin as the mineral sunscreen and anti-aging serum combine to offer complete protection from natural elements (which are an issue whether you're in the middle of summer or winter). When applied daily, the Soleil Toujours Anti-Aging set will protect your skin from sun, wind, and other harsh climate conditions while also defending your skin from the natural affects of aging. Plus, this packaging just screams luxury.

Next up on our Snowbird gift guide is an adorable and custom designed swimsuit from Kini Swimwear. Kini offers you the chance to give the gift of being "one of a kind" as they provide a "design your own" option on their website. They offer swimsuits in all shapes and sizes- allowing you to customize and tailor to your own body type and style. You can either choose from their "ready to wear" section or work with them on designing your own unique look.

Of course, every snowbird is going to need a beautiful bag to take with them on their adventures, and these Nena Daybags are going to be just what they're looking for. Just like snowbirds, each Nena bag is unique. They're made by women in Guatemala and reflect their traditional clothing. The bright colors, durability, and practicality of these bags will make any recipient swoon.

Lastly, every snowbird is going to need a hat to not only protect their skin but to add some chicness to their travel looks. A hat will be the perfect accessory to throw on top of tousled beachy hair and give their outfits a little extra pop. I really like these three- 1, 2, 3.

Now your Snowbird is ready for adventure! They're sure to love each of these items as they will keep on giving long after their maiden voyage.

What's on your Christmas list this year?


Ashleigh Jean said...

I actually tend to prefer the cold, but I mayyy be changing my opinion. That swimsuit is totally adorable and now I'm dreaming of a Mexican beach as opposed to a white Christmas.

xx, Ashleigh | www.fashioninflight.com

Madeline Weinstein said...

That bag! I'm completely obsessed! Did you mention where you got it and I missed it?

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