A Simple Wardrobe

Can you believe that Christmas is right around the corner? Because I'm having trouble processing that information. Just a few days ago I was enjoying my turkey dinner for Thanksgiving and here we are, a week away from Christmas and only two weeks away from a completely new year. The changes have already started to roll in and I'm getting that "fresh start" feeling. But lets not get ahead of ourselves, or rather, let me not get ahead of myself, and take the time to soak in the last couple weeks of the amazing year that was 2015.

This year brought a need for simplicity into my life, which included my wardrobe. I've reduced what's in my closet by more than half and have resorted to simpler, more classic pieces. I make sure to think about my purchases and to look at what my wardrobe is lacking rather than buying trendy pieces that I just want to get rid of a couple months later. Classic coats, simple sweaters, basic tshirts, these are the things I gravitate these days.

coat- lands end
sweater- h&m
bag- vintage coach
jeans- nordstrom
shoes- nordstrom


Megan Pribble said...

This outfit is gorgeous! I am definitely guilty of purchasing new, trendy items, and then discarding them two or three months later. It's such a waste! I am due for a major closet purge!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday, pretty lady! Xo, Megan

Diary of this Girl

Katie said...

Oh man. My closet is overflowing. I'm kind of clothes obsessed and I don't know that I could handle parting with any stuff. This outfit is really cute though and your brows look FABULOUS.

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