Pikes Peak Cog Railway // Cross-Country Road Trip Pt. 10

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Next up on the list of things to do in Colorado Springs was the Pikes Peak Cog Railway. This is something that had been on my list for years and I was going to go no matter what. I had heard all about the railway and how it's such a fun way to reach the top of this 14,000+ ft peak. And how at the top there's a lodge that serves world famous apple cider donuts. If anything, I was going for the donuts.

Now, what really happened on this trip is a long and annoying story about how I couldn't handle the elevation (after living at sea level for a year and a half), the only pictures of my dad and I being ruined because I forgot to change back my camera settings after taking some indoor pictures, and how there were actually no apple cider donuts because of a broken machine... I originally wrote all of that out, but I deleted it after I realized that despite all of that, it was still a great experience and I was able to check the box next to "Pike's Peak Railway" in my adventure log.

Have you ever taken the Pikes Peak Railway? Even though my experience wasn't the greatest, it wasn't the railway's fault, and I sincerely recommend it to all!

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