A Beautiful Way To Give Back // Soko x Pencils of Promise

I've always admired people who have service in their blood; they came to this earth hardwired to do good and to give back. My dad is one of those people; especially now that he's retired, he's always doing something to help someone else. I want to be this kind of person- the kind that sees something that needs to be done or someone that needs to be helped and just does it without thinking, but it's not always easy. We live in selfish times; we've reached a point where there was a need for the word "selfie"... (I realize I'm writing this in a post that features photos of only me. But stay with me, I have a point.) I think a lot of us are afraid to serve. We keep our heads down and go about our business thinking "someone else will take care of it". But, maybe that someone needs to be you (and me).

There are small ways that we can serve others, every day. Love starts at home, after all. But technology also allows us to be involved in beautiful movements that make changes for good all over the world without ever leaving our own homes (unless we want to). Soko Jewelry is one of those companies. They've teamed up with Pencils of Promise and have created a unique collection that raises funds for educational empowerment. By purchasing from their Pencils of Promise collection, you will help support the building of schools in Ghana.

"A product may not change the world, but it could build a school that can." -Soko x Pencils of Promise

Not only would your purchase support the education of thousands of people in Ghana, but each Soko piece is handmade by Artisans in Kenya. Soko offers market access and training to expand economic opportunity for artisans, the majority of whom are women, in underserved communities. With their tools, any talented artisan can participate in the global marketplace, becoming a driver of social and economic development in their community. 

jewelry- c/o soko- ring, earrings
sweater- c/o white plum (similar)
blouse- nordstrom (similar)
pants- c/o lulu's
shoes- c/o stylish treasures

Soko's Pencils of Promise collection would make a perfect gift this season as it not only gives something beautiful to your direct recipient but it also gives back for years to come. #SokoxPop

I am going to be looking into some other ways that we can serve together as a blogging community (and all who wish to be involved). So be sure to watch for those!


Ariel Hamilton said...

giiiiiirl you slayed this look. miss you btw!

Jackie said...

This sounds like a wonderful cause...and it's just bonus that the pieces are pretty, too!

I know that I always feel better about a purchase when I know the company gives back or does good, too. Curious to hear about more companies like this in the future.

Something About That

Brooklyn Jolley said...

I love companies like this. They make it so easy to serve :)

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