Monument Rocks // Cross-Country Road Trip Pt. 8

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One of my favorite stops along my road trip move was a hidden gem in the middle of no where Kansas. I had done some serious googling before leaving on my trip so I could find the sights that were must-sees. I looked at our route and searched each city we would pass once we got into the more rural parts of the country- looking for anything that would be worth a stop to break up the long stretches of "nothing". Then, buried within the internet, I was able to find something called Monument Rocks. Others said it was well worth the stop and 30 minute detour. Since I was in charge of this trip, I decided that this was something I had to see.

The road to reach Monument Rocks is longer than others had stated and my dad and I worried that we had taken a wrong turn. Near the end of the journey, the road is unpaved and signs of civilization are few. But then, just as you feel like it's time to turn around, you'll turn a corner and see the rocks in the distance.

It was incredibly hot out here; our feet would have burned if we hadn't been wearing shoes. But this stop was well worth it. It's such a unique spot in the middle of the Kansas prairies. There were a few other families that came and left during our time there, but it was definitely a quiet destination and one that only the most adventurous road trippers would see. My dad and I had a blast wandering through these rock formations and taking in their different shapes and colors.

If you ever find yourself driving through the middle of Kansas and craving some variety in the scenery, then head over to Monument Rocks. They're worth the detour.


jess // writing in red lipstick said...

Wow these photos are so gorgeous! I've always heard Kansas is "so boring" but if I'm ever there I will definitely give these a look. You're always traveling, I'm jealous!

Carlee, Little Sloth said...

Oh man this place is so cool! It makes me want to go to Kansas (never thought that would happen) haha.
Little Sloth

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