Hammock In The Mountains

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Spending time in the mountains (specifically at my cabin) is one of my very favorite things to do. But there's one thing that makes that time even more enjoyable... And that is this hammock from hayneedle.com. This thing and I have quickly become the best of friends. I love to spend my afternoons relaxing in it with a book or falling asleep in the warm sunshine.

On my last trip to my cabin I knew I had to bring it. There is no better way to enjoy these views than lounging in a hammock on the edge of the deck. I spent a lot of time alone, just thinking about nothing, and swaying gently in the breeze. But I also loved spending time with friends, chatting about life and nonsense.

On this particular morning, I woke up extra early with plans to watch the sunrise, and I will forever be glad that I did. This was no ordinary sunrise. The sun was casting a cotton-candy pink glow across the mountain peaks and the fall colors were radiant in the morning light. I had never seen anything so beautiful and it was a real treat to be able to enjoy it in silence while almost everyone else slept on.

Thank you to Delaina Graff for snapping these pictures for me and for Allexis for being my photo-friend!

This hammock from hayneedle really was the cherry on top to a great weekend away with some wonderful friends. I have always wanted a hammock but have never been proactive about acquiring one. But I can now tell you that they are completely worth it.

Where would you take your hayneedle hammock if you had one?


Jackie said...

These photos are breathtaking! I wish I lived closer to mountains to take in a view like this on a regular basis. There's something so magical about the view!

Something About That

Carlee, Little Sloth said...

Oh my gosh! WANT. And those fall colors are so pretty.

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