Campfire // Hayneedle Firepit

If you know me then you know there are few things I love more than an evening spent with friends, gathered around a toasty fire, swapping stories, and eating delicious food. I recently recieved this beautiful fire pit from hayneedle.com and was anxious to put it to good use. It creates a beautiful fire and is lightweight, making it the perfect companion for any bonfire adventure.

I had really been craving just such an adventure, so a few weekends ago I invited some friends up to my cabin. Of course my fire pit came along and ended up being the center piece of our trip. We spent hours around it and kept adding more logs to the fire whenever it started to die out. Everyone wanted to tell just one more story, discuss just one more topic, or tell just one more joke. The next morning, the fire pit became our kitchen as we cooked up some delicious bacon and eggs (and maybe another s'more or two...) for breakfast.

fire pit & roasting sticks c/o hayneedle.com

My cabin weekend was just what I needed and hayneedle really made it perfect with this gorgeous fire pit. I've got more pictures to share from my weekend away, so stay tuned!


amy said...

ok so real talk - do you like this one? has it held up after a few fires?
i'm looking at buying this specific firepit for the fall :)

Jackie said...

Your photos are breathtakingly beautiful! Nothing is better than a great campfire with friends, but to also have the mountains in the background? Totally perfect.

Something About That

Katie said...

Oh I love bonfires. Makes me crave cold nights.

Christie Geiger said...

Looks like a blast! I love fire pits and smores! Yum!

The Closet by Christie

Gabriella said...

Oh this looks like the most beautiful evening! That fire pit really is the perfect companion. I'm so happy that it's finally getting chillier here - meaning many more nights by the fire :)


Erin Christine Photography said...

These pictures make me wanna go camping! I love that he made eggs on the fire :)

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