Agent Scully // Polette Sunglasses Giveaway

My roommate and good friend, Brandi, is a big x-files fan. I, however, am not. I just can't handle the weird, creepy, or remotely scary. But of course I like to spend time with my friends, and if watching x-files is what she wants to do, I will join her sit on the couch next to her and look at Instagram. Of course, being in the same room as the tv means that at times my eyes wander up and I find myself waiting to see what happens next. But when it's over, I usually suggest that we watch I Love Lucy, just to lighten the mood.

As I was editing these pictures, all I could think about was Agent Dana Scully. The red(ish) hair with a deep part, the all black clothing, the sunglasses... It's all very official looking. I think all of the x-file watching had me channeling my inner Scully... Unintentionally of course. I guess my outfit, hair, and lack of interest in the "strange" makes me more like Scully than I realized...

But one thing I do love are these sunglasses from Polette. I never thought I could be a round-frame kind of girl, but here I am, wearing them every day. Polette has got such a great collection of sunglasses to choose from- wood frames, mirrored lenses, trendy frames, and they also sell fashionable options for regular eyeglasses.

sunglasses- c/o polette
shirt- zara (similar)
pants- c/o lulu's (similar)
shoes- naturalizer (similar)
ring- c/o lemon drop boutique

Polette is giving away a pair of sunglasses to one lucky reader; just enter using the widget, below. Which pair would you choose if you won?

And tell me, have you seen anything strange, lately?
Scully, out.

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Aubry Lybbert said...

These glasses look so fab on you, Gentri!

Emily Hopper said...

I agree with Aubry! You look AMAZING in these.

Allie @ LunaVida said...

Love that ring!

Allie @ LunaVida

shyla jain said...

Thank you for an awesome giveaway hun, and i love your blog posts. :)

Natasha K said...

I'd like to win the http://www.polette.com/en/sunglasses/atelier/rubis-b-s.html

rainesmom said...

I think you nailed the Agent Scully look!
I have a couple of fave sunglass styles (couldn't pick just 1!): the Pénélope & the Fantômette Brown

~ Kim Pincombe Cole

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