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You may have noticed the somewhat sudden rise of emergency preparedness in people around you or in yourself. I know there have been many factors that triggered some people to take certain measures, but regardless of the blood moon, the calendar date, or the wars and rumors of wars, emergency preparedness is something we should always be putting effort into. The world doesn't have to be ending for you to have a food storage and other emergency supplies, an emergency could be as simple as job loss, a power outage, or an injury preventing you from bringing home the bacon. One day, you may find you and/ or your family needing a healthy dinner without money in the bank. On that day, you will be grateful that you planned ahead.

To help me prepare for any number of emergency scenarios, I went to Albertsons to stock up on Del Monte products. I've wanted to start my own food-storage cookbook that could get me through in times of trial. It would be a way to help me eat healthy on a budget and utilize ingredients that I have on hand. So, using Del Monte Vegetables, I came up with a Quinoa Vegetable Hash that takes 20 minutes and all you need is a pot and water to boil.


Del Monte Diced Tomatoes
Del Monte Whole Kernal Corn
Del Monte Sweet Peas
Del Monte Leaf Spinach
Del Monte Whole New Potatoes
1 cup Quinoa
2 cups Water
1-2 cloves Garlic
Salt & Pepper


In a pot, combine 1 cup of Quinoa with 2 cups of Water. Bring to a boil then turn down to a simmer and cover until all of the water has been absorbed (about 10-15 min). While the quinoa is cooking, rinse your Corn, Peas, Spinach, and Potatoes (you may need to dice or mash), and mince your garlic. Once quinoa is done, add your vegetables and garlic as well as the can of tomatoes (including half a can of water). Let the hash simmer for a few minutes (about 5), add a dash of salt and pepper, then serve! Finish up your meal with some delicious Del Monte Freestone Slice Peaches and you'll have a well-rounded and completely satisfying meal.

This recipe makes quite a bit. I was able to put my leftovers in a large container and stock it in the freezer, which makes it the perfect freezer meal, as well! There are so many ways to use Del Monte Fruits and Vegetables, not only could you eat them plain, but they're the perfect ingredient for quick meal prep. Plus, Del Monte products happen to be on sale at your local Albertsons/ Safeway stores until October 13th, so stock up now!

Do you have a favorite food-storage recipe? I'd love to try it!

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kelly denton said...

I love one pot meals, especially ones that you can batch make for the freezer. This is definitely a recipe that is going into our meal plan circulation. What a great and creative use of canned veggies! [client]

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