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These days, it can be hard to feel beautiful. With so many opposing forces and finding the balance of humility and narcissism, most of us err on the side of humility. To the point where we are degrading and harsh on ourselves. Self-love is important, understanding our individual worth and beauty is vital. We each want to be confident, but a lot of us have a hard time paying ourselves a compliment. That is what I love about Skin Again Skincare. It's positivity in a bottle- it is built with intentional positive energy, every step of the way. It is their hope that incorporating positive thinking, a positive spirit and positive intentions in everything they do and create, will trickle down and have a positive effect on everyone who buys their products.

Each bottle comes with a note in the directions reminding you to use a positive mantra while applying. Look in the mirror as you use their products and pay yourself a compliment, give yourself some positive reinforcement. Self-love is important, because if we can't love ourselves, how can we love to anyone else? Love and positive energy starts within each of us, and Skin Again is doing their part to remind us of our individual worth.

Skin Again's products are natural, vegan, cruelty and chemical free. I have been using their products for about a month now and even took the "Youth" moisturizer on a ten day road trip. It was such a refreshing way to start and end each day, with positivity and love, plus a product that made me feel renewed and hydrated.

There is a lot to positive reinforcement. "The word" is a powerful thing and I think it goes way beyond our comprehension as humans. If you had the power to change your life, just by saying some positively vibrating words, wouldn't you do it? If you are struggling with being confident in your own skin, be sure to give yourself some love with Skin Again's products and by looking in that mirror and paying yourself a compliment. Individual worth is a powerful thing and it starts from within.


Dearest Lou said...

Such powerful words <3 Love you girl.

Dearest Lou

Emmett Katherine said...

Insightful post. It is hard to find the right balance, I agree. Plus we are often more critical of ourselves than anyone else.

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