Grilled Fruit Cheese Sandwiches

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A few months ago I was babysitting my nieces and nephews so my sister and brother in law could have a night off. We had ordered a pizza and I had also placed out some fruits and vegetables for us to eat (trying to be a good aunt and make sure they eat a balanced meal). As we were eating our dinner, my nephew decided to put blueberries on his pizza. We all laughed and thought it was pretty gross, and none of us would try it, but he assured us it was delicious. Flash forward to just a couple weeks ago when I went to a restaurant here in Salt Lake where I ordered a Blueberry Grilled Cheese Sandwich, just to see if my nephew was right... Turns out he is a food genius and it changed my life. I posted about it on instagram and everyone went crazy, a few even went out and bought the ingredients to make it themselves... Which gave me the idea to post it here, on my blog, with a few variations!

Using Kraft Natural Cheese Shreds and Kraft Natural Cheese Slices, that I picked up at Walmart (be sure to check our their in-store game time demos on 9/26), and some fruit, I made some easy meal options that can be used for lunch, dinner, or just a quick after school snack. Each one was scrumptious, so feel free to experiment with your own selection of fruit and Kraft Natural Cheese. I went with some more earthy fruit options (rather than banana or tropical fruits) that I knew would balance well with the cheese.

Your choice of fruit- I went with three sandwich options: blueberry, apple, and plum
Your choice of Kraft Natural Cheese- Again, I went with a variety: Kraft Natural Mozzarella Cheese Shreds, Kraft Natural Four Cheese Shreds, and Kraft Natural Sharp Cheddar Cheese Slices
A good, dense bread that can stand up to the weight of the grilled cheese

Get your griddle or skillet warming up to about 350°
Butter the outside end of your bread so it will toast nicely when placed on the heat
On the inside of the bread, place a good layer of cheese
On top of the cheese, evenly place your sliced fruit of choice then cover with another layer of cheese
Place the second slice of bread on top then place the uncooked sandwich on the griddle
When one side of the sandwich has started to brown and the cheese is melting, flip it over with a spatula
Let it cook until both sides are browned and the cheese is melting
Tip: Use your spatula to "press" the sandwich. A panini press would also be a great option for cooking your grilled fruit cheese.

I ended up pairing the mozzarella cheese with blueberries, four cheese with apples, and the sharp cheddar with the plum. Each one was delicious and had a well balanced and unique flavor. I loved them so much that I have been continuing to make them on a regular basis. But my favorite is still the blueberry, who knew that a six year old kid would come up with my new favorite meal option?

It was so fun experimenting with different fruits and a variety of cheeses for this simple meal solution! What variety of Kraft Natural Cheese and fruits would you pair together?


Tammie Hulsey said...

These sound amazing. Can't wait to try some.

Stephanie said...

I will never look at grilled cheese the same way again. What a fun and simple way to jazz up ordinary grilled cheese! I really like how you paired different Kraft Natural Cheeses and fruits to create a new sandwich - yum! #client

Dearest Lou said...

This sounds too darn yummy Gentri! Definitely pinning right away (;

Dearest Lou

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