Blooper Reel Pt. 3

The "Hey, Sister-Friend!" (I think I was waving to my friends that drove by)

The other day, as I was walking back to the car after taking outfit pictures with Brandi, I fell on my face. Yep. Right into the only mud puddle in sight. My camera hit the ground because my arms were too busy breaking my fall and my brand new boots were given their first scuff. Luckily, both my boots and camera are fine, as am I. The worst that happened was that I was covered in parking lot mud... gross. After making sure that nothing was broken, Brandi and I both got a good laugh out of it, and all was well.

Why am I telling you this and why am I about to show you the most ridiculous blooper pictures of me, ever? Because we all need a strong dose of humor and reality every now and then. Life can be tough, it's true. But I honestly think that it can be made a lot easier if we embrace the reality rather than pretending that it doesn't happen.

We've become experts at showing the best possible sides of ourselves and our lives. Social media has taught us to share as much and yet as little as possible. Well guess what, world- no one here is perfect! So please, laugh a little, accept your flaws, because truly, they're what make you beautiful. Embracing our imperfections and being honest about our struggles is what will help us eventually reach perfection.

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The "Broken Wrist"

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The "Flamingo"

The "Photobomb" (cutest photobombing nephew, ever)

The "What In The World?"

The "Incantation"

The "We're Just Going To Skip This One"

The "You Disgust Me" (I was clearly on a roll with this outfit's pictures)

The "I'm Actually Disgusted Because There's A Large Decapitated Fish That Has Been Run Over And I Almost Stepped On It"

Don't you feel better? Life is awesome and so are you.

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Gabriella said...

This was so fun! Loved this honest post. It's always good for the soul to laugh - especially on a Sunday night when work is looming ahead. Hope you had a lovely weekend!


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