Colonial Williamsburg

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As I was going through my image folders on my computer, I came across a little adventure that I never shared. While it's not the only one that has gone unshared, it's one that I had planned to. So months later, and in the middle of my road trip posting, I'm going to talk about the time I went to Colonial Williamsburg.

Our trip to Williamsburg was really about visiting Busch Gardens, but the night before, we had some extra time to kill, and I really wanted to visit the Colonial sights. We ended up not being able to visit until everything had already closed for the day. There were a few shops and restaurants open, but for the most part, everyone had gone home. While that could have put a damper on things, I still enjoyed it immensely. The streets were quiet and empty, except for a few of the colonial townspeople. The lamps and lights were lit which helped increase the authenticity of the experience. The fact that we were some of the only people left exploring made it seem a little more tangible- like we almost were stepping back in time.

Since it was so dark, I didn't get a lot of photographs, but the ones I did get are enough to remind me of the great time I had with people I love.

Have you ever been to Colonial Williamsburg? Do you enjoy exploring historic cities and sights?

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