Palmyra // Pt. 8

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I have finally come to the last post in my East Coast road trip series. I loved being able to relive each moment through my blog posts and hope you enjoyed them, too! The last bit of our trip was spent in Palmyra, NY. We were there to explore some historic sites of our Church.

These first few photos show the inside of the printing press where The Book of Mormon was first printed. They showed us how the books were bound, some original manuscripts, and shared some fascinating facts about how The Book of Mormon became available to all. Then we headed over to the Whitmer Farm where we were able to learn more about the early days of our Church. This was the place where each of us felt The Spirit the strongest. I am not quite sure what it was, perhaps our excellent missionary tour guide, but it's something I will remember, forever.

All too soon our trip came to an end. I hate how something you look forward to, so much, can be over in the blink of an eye. I wish I could slow time down to savor every moment a little more, but I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to take this adventure, when I did, with the people I love most.

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