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Being back in Utah has many benefits. I love living near so many friends, again. I've already seen Lauren almost every day (so good). Plus, the scenery doesn't get too much better than these Utah mountains and sunsets. I love spending my evenings on my balcony, working on my blog and watching the sun go down. There's also the dating pool, which is much larger here than it was in my previous location...

I decided to jump back on the Tinder-wagon and I'm already wondering how wise of a decision it was. It's a very disconcerting app. To know that someone could swipe forever, knowing that there's always the possibility for "someone better", never being satisfied with one person, judging someone based on a few facts and some tacky bathroom selfies. Personally, I have a big problem with it because I know that reality is never the same as what you build up in your mind and see on a screen. Whether it's better or worse is subjective, but it's never the same. Tinder meetings are typically met with disappointment when the reality doesn't live up to the fantasy- usually felt from both parties.

But then you can't argue the sheer convenience of the app. To have so many "new friends" right at your fingertips. While I am not the apps biggest fan, I know that there are many success stories for friendship. And since I am "new" in town, that's what I need. I'm not very good at making friends in large, social situations. So for me, Tinder has possibilities to help me ease into a new group of friends (who aren't married. I have lots of friends who are). However, from past experience, I have only made one lasting friend from the app... So when weighed against all of my "matches", Tinder isn't doing so hot.

Have you or has someone you know tried Tinder? I obviously am not someone who uses the app to "hook-up", so I can't speak for those who do (it sounds terrible to me).

shirt- anthropologie
shorts- old navy
shoes- sven clogs
watch- c/o daniel wellington
bag- c/o fawn designs
necklace- c/o the land of salt

As for this outfit, it is what I have been wearing all summer. This shirt by Cloth & Stone is my favorite! If you've never tried one of their chambray shirts, then you must. They make the very best Chambray shirts.


amy said...

tinder is so weird.
i've tried it and while it can be a little ego boost here and there (honesty right? Ha) i've found that 95% of people on there are for the "hook-up" and that isn't me either.

pocketofblossoms said...

I think Tinder could be bad or good! You'll know if someone is just looking to hook up, so just delete them right away! I say to demand dates! No hanging out. Dates in public places, and maybe drive separately the first time. Purely for safety purposes! I've heard many success stories but I've also heard some scarring stories. Just be careful! :) P.S. Your eye makeup….girl…..on point!!!!

xo, kiely
pocket of blossoms

Lita said...

Urghhh I know right?? Tinder is so interesting, but so uncomfortable. I had it for about two weeks and then had to delete. It is initially fun to see what is out there and to see who you could match with. After that, I just felt shallow, and kinda bad. I was tired of the pick-up lines and casualness of it all! I hope you meet some new friends though and a cutie who's idea of a clever one-liner is better than "Well here there cutie!" ;)


Magnolia said...

You know Mikelle met her fiancé on Tinder, right?! And he is amazing, so it is definitely a success story. :)

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