Road Trip Prep

Well, my time on the East Coast is coming to an end. It's been an incredible experience that I never thought I would have but am so grateful I did. I've been preparing for the move for a while now, including making sure I have the proper luggage (especially since the luggage I received when I graduated high school has all died). Nothing too big and bulky as I'm only taking what I can fit in my car (which is quite the challenge). I have always wanted a leather duffle bag, so when I found this one on Calvin Mitchell Leather's site, I had to buy it! It's the perfect size for a weekend or overnight bag and will fit easily in my car without taking up too much space. As for the rest of my trip attire, I will be keeping things simple, like this outfit- no makeup (that's right! this is a no-makeup blog post), light shirts, and shorts.

I have never been much of a shorts-wearer, but this year, I find that it's a necessity. Since Summer is in full swing, the heat is up, and the humidity is high, I've had to become one. I know that once I get back to Utah, it won't be quite as bad- since dry heat is heaven (the humidity has a way of making the heat unbearable). But still, I am so happy to have some cooler options for the Summer!

shirt- zara
shorts- old navy
bag- calvin mitchell leather
shoes- sven clogs
watch- c/o daniel wellington watches

For my road trip, I am planning to pass through Virginia | Tennessee | Kentucky | Illinois | Missouri | Kansas | Colorado | and finally ending in Utah. If you or someone you know has some great tips on places to see and things to do in any of these areas, I would be so happy to hear them!


thesubtlehipster said...

This is so interesting that I am reading this this morning. I am also winding down my last days on the East Coast as I prepare to move back to the West. I actually had a dream last night that I should have road tripped it back and then I read this! What an exciting great way to go back. I hope you have fun on your little adventures along the way.

_lizzieann said...

I love the bag! I obsessing over leather right now. Have a safe trip back to Utah!

Elisabeth McKnight said...

if only you were coming through ohio you could totally stay with me :)

Oak & Oats said...

You are adorable!

goincrazy said...

Love your outfit! I haven't had much luck at old navy in the pants department in the past ( though I get a lot of my tops there).. I don't know if I'm just the wrong shape or what.. But maybe I'll try again. I need to find some denim shorts that fit and are long enough, and also a pair if jeans for an upcoming trip.
- ginger

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