Boston // Pt. 6

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The evening before the Boston Marathon, my family decided to stay in and relax so that the guys would be ready. But I was in Boston... For the first and maybe only time. Since I had my own car on this road trip, I decided to contact one of my first ever blogger friends- Janee, so we could hang out. I met her at her home then we took the trolley to the center of the city. We walked around and explored, which is what I do best!

The architecture in Boston is breathtaking. This city has a very European feel to it that I enjoyed, immensely! We wandered into a local church, took pictures of all the buildings, walked a lot, and then found a place for dinner where I ate the most delicious burger (if you visit Boston, get the burger at The Met Back Bay). Then she took me to the best cupcakery in town, Sweet Cupcakes, where I picked up enough cupcakes for my entire crew. Including a couple special Boston Marathon cupcakes! We stayed out until all of the shops had closed, then I headed back to the hotel.

I love how I can visit almost any city and know someone that lives there, because of blogging. It makes trips more personal and they can show me around from a local perspective. Blogging has opened up a lot of amazing doors, with the friendships I've made being the greatest.

I had such a great time exploring Boston with Janee! Have you ever met up with a blogger friend while on vacation?

To be continued...


dearsafia said...

These photos are beautiful Gentri! I've wanted to go to Boston for so long. Definitely next on my list now! You'll have to let me know if you're ever in London :) x

Sandy a la Mode said...

amazing pics! amazing city! can't wait to see you soon!!!!!!!!!!

Sandy a la Mode

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