Boston // Pt. 5

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The next morning, we all headed to downtown Boston so that the guys could register for the big race. However, after sitting in traffic for an hour and not finding any parking, we ditched the guys and headed over to the North End, Italian district (they met up with us when they were done). While we waited, we had lunch in a local Italian restaurant (of course). This restaurant was filled with pictures of celebrities who had eaten there and looked to be run by a "family". But, none of us really enjoyed our meal, because there were at least seven large screen tv's, all playing at a different part of "The Godfather" or some other mobster movie that involved a lot of blood. We had to keep all of the children with us from looking at the tv's while we ate... Not that they wanted to watch it, but it's hard to ignore.

We left as soon as we could which happened to be just as the guys pulled up. They took the kids, while their mothers and I stood in line at "Mike's Pastries". That place was packed, there were at least ten different lines going, but they sure have a system down! We couldn't see anything that was available, until it was our turn to order. Unsure of what to do I asked the man working what desserts we should order. With a blank yet incredibly annoyed look on his face he snapped "Cannoli"! So... without further hesitation, that is what I ordered, even though I don't really like cannoli.

We gathered with the family in the square and enjoyed our deserts. We happened to be on part of the "Freedom Trail" right next to the church that lit up the lanterns for Paul Revere! It was an almost spiritual moment to think of that historic night and the fact that I was sitting where it took place.

After I finished my cannoli (I ate as much as I could and shared the rest with my grateful nephew. It was pretty good for a cannoli. I just don't like that much cream), I took my nephew over to the man on the other side of the square who was playing the accordion. While he played, we danced around the fountain and threw coins in it for wishes. We then hit up a couple of the souvenir shops and headed back to the hotel so the guys could get some rest before the marathon.

Have you ever been to the North End in Boston?

To be continued...


Riley Justesen said...

I have been to Boston so many times and the North End is always a favorite. I try a different Italian place every time I go. I haven't picked a favorite yet though! That's kind of hilarious and kind of gross that they were showing the Godfather hahahahaha! That's really too bad! I also hate cannolis so whenever I go to Mike's I get their little pies. They are delicious!

Taylor Hart said...

Ooooooo! I've always wanted to visit Boston but have never gotten the chance. It looks beautiful and lush! I'm not used to all that greenery! Ha!

Rachel Emma said...

Aw this is making me miss Boston so much! Mike's Pastries was one of the first places I went to when I first went to Boston in 2013 :)

thesubtlehipster said...

Ah, The North End is always hectic during the summer especially Mike's! If I had known, I would have recommended my favorite spot although, it's small and popular - you would have to wait in line which usually goes out the door, and no reservations! The go to pastry is always a cannoli since it's their specialty and it's the Italian district. It's sucks for the chaos since it's pretty much become a local hotspot and tourist attraction. I actually was over there yesterday! I agree it's too much - wish they were smaller - that would be enough filling! Another, place to go is Neptune's for seafood in the North End or Island Creek Oyster Bar near Fenway, really great biscuits!! - maybe some other time!

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