A Drink For Your Skin

Summer is here! I used to say that Fall was my favorite season... But recently, I think it has shifted to Summer. I love the opportunities that Summer provides and am looking forward to all of my adventures that are coming! But with Summer comes the need for sun protection. Now, I have a belief that there are greater, more natural ways to protect yourself from the damaging rays of the sun. But that is another topic for another blog post. However, sometimes we just get a little too much sun. When that happens, I reach for my Imbibe Tonic- Healing Skin Toner.

The Tonic from Imbibe delivers a refreshing mist of healing and natural ingredients like dandelion, juniper berry, and aloe vera. I recently spent a weekend at the beach and got a little too much sun for my winter-skin. I ended up with a slight sunburn along my hairline and swimsuit lines. I simply sprayed this on, every day, and not only did I not peel, but my healing time seemed to be shortened, significantly.

Imbibe's Tonic is not only for after-sun use. It also freshens skin, refines skin texture, heals lesions, breakouts, and skin discoloration, and moisturizes sensitive skin. I usually use this once per day, but it's excellent to spray on throughout the day for some added moisture; it's like a drink for your skin. You can even spray it over the top of your mineral foundation for a healthy glow. At a price of only $26 per bottle, this is a product that needs to be in every medicine cabinet

Do you have any fun in the sun plans? Be sure to grab a bottle of the Imbibe Tonic!

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