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With 8 kids in tow, dining out is a stressful and tumultuous task. So my brother in-law and his brother decided to just grab some donuts from the next door bakery, and we could eat them in our hotel rooms. I didn't mind at all; I don't think there's anything quite like eating a sprinkled donut while looking out over NYC... I would pay a lot of money to do that, again. (and yes, I am starting this post off with two donut pictures... I couldn't resist!)

After we were all fed, we walked around the corner to Wall Street. We admired the Wall Street Bull (and miraculously got pictures of/ with it. It was a hot tourist spot at 9am), did some souvenir shopping, and explored a little. Then we headed over to the 911 Memorial and Freedom Tower. It was a very humbling and beautiful site. The crowd was more subdued and quiet, but there was a strong sense of Spirit there.

We then returned to our vehicles, battled NYC driving one last time, and made our way to Boston.

Not only is this architecture beautiful, but I also love the little (fake) owl!

If you could recommend or see one thing in NYC, what would it be?

to be continued...


Tereza said...

wow New York and 8 Kids, crazy!!!!
Lovely photos though, hope you had a blast ;)


Silex In The City said...

I think my favorite part is the pink donut! Also, I love your logo..those mountains!

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