NYC // Pt. 2

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Central Park was such a breath of fresh air after being in the hustle and bustle of Times Square; the kids were particularly happy to have the freedom to run and play. The blossoms on the trees were still out and I saw a lot of park animal life. It was so fun thinking over all of the movies that have been filmed in Central Park; to stand in such an iconic place. There was one more stop we wanted to see on the way back to our hotel, so we grabbed a group photo (minus myself) and headed to the subway.

Our hotel was just a short walk from Battery Park, and while we weren't able to visit the Statue of Liberty, it was a fun to see it from the shore. We checked out the 911 Memorial, took some time to admire Miss Liberty, and then headed back to our hotel for the night. I enjoyed our view from our room at night almost more than I had during the day. We could see some rooftop parties happening, the lights reflected off of the water, and even though we were in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world, it was quiet.

Have you ever been to NYC?

To Be Continued...


Taylor Hart said...

I've been to NYC before but was young and didn't appreciate it... also all the noise was too much for my ADD scared little nervous brain. I do want to go back now that I'm older and am less afraid and know stuff now. I never really got the chance to explore... I do think the history behind Central Park is kinda cool. You look like you didn't mind it too much : )

Kelsey Bang said...

what a beautiful time of year to visit nyc!

Eight Shores said...

such a fun post, that little squirrel! I've never been there, all these gorgeous pictures is making me want to x


AlexandraLE. said...

Your pictures are amazing!! The wildlife pictures are really cute too, I love spotting wildlife and it was nice to hear such a busy city hasn't scared off the wildlife.
I would love to visit New York myself, its one of my little travel dreams. Central Park would defnitely be included in that trip, because as you said, it would be funny to walk through think of all that has been filmed there. Thanks for sharing xx

Lublyou said...

Central Park is my absolute favorite! We love escaping there from the big city from time to time :-)

Katie // Lublyou

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