Everyone's Doing It

For not quite a year now, I have been striving to not only rid my closet of clothing I no longer need or want, but also my other belongings. As time creeps on, my desire to have a simpler wardrobe and storage increases. I have been proud of myself for purging and being more selective in the items I purchase. For challenging myself to shopping fasts and not being lenient in what I keep.

As the new year came, I felt a sense of simpleness. I felt that this year would be one to simplify; that not only would this happen in my wardrobe, but the rest of my life. Last year was just a precursor to what this year would hold. That although great things could happen, it would include a lot of letting go of the unimportant; shedding the weight of the world and narrowing my focus onto what really matters. It has been an incredible experience, thus far. While progress is slow in some areas, the desire is great.

But then, as I look at social media, I read articles and see headlines targeted toward fashion bloggers. Every one seems to be doing the same thing, at least from a wardrobe standpoint. Simplifying is the theme of the year in fashion and it makes my experience seem less genuine. It raises questions like:

Am I simplifying because "fashion" told me to? Is this something that is happening because of small messages I've been fed over the last year that have progressively increased? Is this my own doing or a result of social media influence? Am I a trend setter or merely a blind follower?

I don't have an answer for myself... Only the knowledge that what I'm doing is making me happy and light. What I'm doing is good. My cares for worldly possessions are lightening, little by little, everyday, and that is not something to complain or be cynical about. Even my desire for a larger follow number has diminished. (You want to unfollow me? Please do. I absolutely LOVE checking instagram and seeing that I've lost 30 followers with one post... Ok, I'm still working on that one.)

dress- mart of china
jacket- c/o lulu's
purse- c/o pb&j boutique
earrings- c/o etch studio
shoes- sven clogs
watch- c/o daniel wellington
ring- c/o prismera

So whether I am doing this of my own accord or am just another puppet in the system, at least I know I am in good company with all of the other fashion bloggers who are "simplifying".

P.S. You can shop my wardrobe HERE! I've got some amazing items listed (some I really wish I could keep, but no longer can for religious reasons) and will happily take bids/ bundle offers.


Jenelle S said...

the blue looks so nice on you.
Hope you can check out my latest OOTD post:

jess buckley said...

I've totally been working on minimizing my amount of possessions too! It's felt really good to only keep the items that I really love, and to do my best to purchase only items that I feel are good quality and will last a long time. I'm glad you're doing the same and feeling great about it too. Don't worry about feeling like a "follower" ... so many people are doing it for a reason!

Julien Garman said...

Love this post! I really love that you're simplifying for the right reasons. Although this has been a trendy topic as of late, I'm finding myself wanting to simplify as well. I can get so caught up in THINGS that sometimes I miss out on what matters. Happy your blog found it's way onto my bloglovin feed. Xo, Julien

Tereza said...

what a nice colour you look beautiful hun!!

Rachel Porter said...

You are awesome!! Such a great example

Camille Millecam Whiting said...

LOVING your hair so much right now!

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