Boston // Pt. 4

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The very first thing we did in Boston was stop at John Adams' home. My brother in-law and sister are huge John and Abigail Adams fans, so it was a must! We had hoped the home would be open for tours, but we were one day too early. However, the grounds were open, so we spent some time outside, exploring, which was a welcome change to the driving.

I would love a yard like the Adams'! They have a beautiful garden, a green house, an orchard, a pond in the back, and the grass was covered in beautiful flowers! I was a little obsessed and couldn't stop taking pictures. In my opinion, grass should be covered in flowers like this, always!

We then went out for some amazing Thai food and called it a night. The next couple days were going to be really busy and the boys had to prepare for the big race!

to be continued...


Candace Groberg said...

These pictures are amazing! I can't believe all of those gorgeous flowers!

thesubtlehipster said...

Boston! My home....for 2 more weeks! Just looking at these beautiful photos chipped my heart a bit.

Beverly Houpt said...

Those flower pictures! <3

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