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I have never really been someone who makes practical decisions. I follow my heart and the wind... I make decisions that will make me happy and I go for what I want. An example of this would be my move to DC a year and a half ago (can you believe it's been that long?). It was spontaneous; I had always said I would never live on the East Coast... But plans and hearts change.

Since moving, my life has felt like one big vacation (with a few moments of reality thrown in). It's been blissful, adventurous, educational, and spiritual. I've seen more than I ever thought I would, traveled to places I've never been and revisited a couple I have. I've met wonderful people and lived with family whom I adore (that is the hardest part to leave). It's been just what I was hoping for.

When I moved, I wasn't only looking to gain new experiences, I was also hoping for some healing. Where I live is fairly secluded from the world, but close enough to make exploring possible. Being near the ocean and away from the world has helped to clear my soul of the garbage it was harboring. Being able to explore has rejuvenated me like nothing else can. I have felt awake and alive in a way that I didn't know was possible.

But... as a young, single adult who should be spending a lot of time with other young, single adults... this place is more of a temporary haven rather than a permanent residence. With my new website and the need for socialization, it just makes sense for me to move back to Utah, at this time. It is such a bittersweet decision. One that I will question and cry over, many times. But it is a decision that I know is right and good and smart.


So, now that the news is out, it's time to start planning and preparing! To help me get started, Fawn Design sent me this amazing bag! The faux leather is top notch and I love that it can be worn backpack or messenger style. The inside is made to wipe clean (geared towards mom's, but something we could all benefit from), and there are pockets for everything! This bag is going to be stuck to my side during my journey home. It will hold the essentials and then some! It really is the perfect adventure bag, I can't wait to see where we go, together...

bag- c/o fawn design
shirt- new york souvenir shop
plaid shirt- target (similar)
pants- c/o lulu's
shoes- nordstrom
sunglasses- marc jacobs
watch- c/o daniel wellington

I'll be making my journey home in a cross-country road trip with my dad. I've let him know that I want to see the sites this time, so I need your advice, especially if you live somewhere between DC & SLC... Where do we stop? What do we see? What is worth driving out of the way for? I haven't decided which route to take, yet (north, middle, or south?). Any advice would be appreciated!

Also, be sure to check out Fawn Design! They just launched their site this week and their bags are going/ have gone quickly! This makes a wonderful mother's day present for new mom's/ mom's with young children. It also makes a great gift for someone like me, who needs a great and easy-to-clean travel bag. Or for anyone who appreciates quality for that matter!


Carley Lee said...

It takes wisdom and maturity to choose between what makes us happy and what's best. I always have to remind myself that those two things don't always go together. I wish you all the best as you embark on this new journey! May blessings pour on onto you and you take these next steps!

goincrazy said...

ohhhh, we will miss you! But, I know you have to do what's best for you. <3 When will you be leaving? I don't know the best route to take, but Kirtland is a great place to see, if you haven't yet.. and I haven't been to Nauvoo, but I'm sure that one is great too. And, the Hill Cumorah pageant is in July if you aren't leaving before then.. it's awesome to see! I know there are a lot of non-church related sites to see on the way too. :) Good luck in all you do, and I will be watching for updates on facebook and the blog!


I'm selfishly really excited for you to come home!! Yay

Tereza said...

great photos babe that bag looks amazing!

Nikki H said...

I second Megan's comment....even though I don't really hangout with or actually blog anymore haha

Allexis said...

Love you Gentri!! Utah can't wait to have you back! These photos tug at the nature enthusiast inside me!! So gorgeous!

Taylor Hart said...

Girl, you gotta follow your heart and do what's best for you... no judgement here. I moved to Austin from Ohio a little over 7 years ago in hopes of healing and it has slowly worked. I love the bag and love your dark edgy style. Have fun on your road trip with your Dad and I can't wait to see some fun sites along the way.

Riley Justesen said...

Oh that was probably such a hard decision! But I totally see where you are coming from. I've done that drive twice! It's a doozy. Stop at some strawberry fields on the way home, there are a bunch. They are so fun and good photo opportunities! We stopped in Chicago, it added like 2 hours to our drive but it was fun to see!



Amy Beth Foley said...

I will definitely miss you!!! I know your fabulous family will, as well. I'm glad that you are listening to your heart and doing what is right for you. Life is about growing and changing. I am glad that you have touched my life and I wish you lots of love and happiness as you journey onward.

Oak & Oats said...

You are adorable!

Shelbee On The Edge said...

Sometimes the hardest decisions have the best results! Good luck on your new adventure with your great bag! You are adorable in your I love NY tee and look like you are ready to conquer the world! Go for it!


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