Seeing Wicked // Baltimore

When my sister and I heard that Wicked was coming to town, we immediately bought tickets for her, my nieces, and I. It was playing at the Hippodrome in Baltimore, Maryland, so it gave me an excuse to visit Baltimore for the first time. We all put on some nice clothes (see what I wore HERE), had a nice dinner beforehand, then enjoyed the show.

The last (and only other) time I saw Wicked, was when I was a senior in high school. Seeing it again was giving me major flashbacks; It felt like I had traveled back to being a carefree, seventeen year old. The cast did a wonderful job and had my nieces completely enthralled. Since then, I've had nothing but Wicked songs playing in my head, and I'm not mad about it.


Riley Justesen said...

Baltimore is my hood! Or it was! It's so unique and fun there for sure. I love Wicked! Super jealous!

Brandi said...

aw so fun!! so many adventures you've been able to have being back there!!

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