Exploring Old Town Alexandria

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends, Leslie, and I were able to explore Old Town Alexandria, together. It was a first for both of us, even though I've lived here for a year and she has been here for a few years. Alexandria is everything people say it is. It's packed with old charm, lined with beautiful shops and restaurants, and the lamps still run on gas. There's something so beautiful and nostalgic about gas lamps lining the streets.

We spent the day on foot and started with some exploring and shopping. We took turns deciding which way to go. Each time we reached an intersection, one of use would decide which direction to take and then we'd switch at the next one. After a couple hours we stopped for lunch at Gadsby's Tavern. It's an old restaurant and museum, the signs say that George Washington, himself, ate at Gadsby's! It's a charming restaurant and the food was delicious! Then we headed back outside for some more exploring and picture taking.

It was the perfect day with beautiful weather. We really lucked out, since every other day had been snowing, raining, and/ or freezing. But it ended up being the first day of the year where I was able to just sit in the sun and soak it up.


Jordyn said...

This looks amazing and like such a cute town!
Pretty Lovely

Meg V Schneider said...

I love the color in your photographs...it's beautiful! Also, the baby's face, OMG!! :) Meg of An Affair of Character

Candace Shiflet said...

That sounds awesome! I just got back into blogging again and wanted to see what you were up to :) Looks like you are still doing awesome things! And totally unrelated- can I just tell you I was sad you didn't get chosen for Mormon Bachelorette? I voted for you! daw well I guess. Anyways, good to see your blog!

Lovely Little Rants

Jackie said...

This looks like such a cute little town! You took some gorgeous photos <3

Something About That

Marlen said...

I'm always so excited when you share your photos- these are so pretty! And they really capture the old charm of the neighborhood. I love when cities have those historic sections- I always try to imagine how the area looked like in the late 1800s whenever I walk around an area like that. And that restaurant you ate at looks charming! That dainty china- swoon.

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

jess buckley said...

Gorgeous photos! I need to go back to Alexandria now that it's warming up!

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