Busch Gardens, Williamsburg

Last weekend, my family and I went to Busch Gardens & Colonial Williamsburg (post coming soon). It was such a blast and ended far too soon. This was my first trip to Busch Gardens, so I was really excited! The weather forecast said it was going to rain most of the day, but we had already made the drive out. So we grabbed our jackets and went, anyways, and it ended up being perfect! The morning rain kept the crowds away and it warmed up in the afternoon without getting too hot. We were able to walk on every ride and sometimes we just stayed in our seats and went again.

I loved walking through all of the different countries, it reminded me of Disney's Epcot. Each country had their own food options, but we chose to eat bbq in "France" (which is more like a French-Canada). It had been years since I had ridden a roller-coaster, so we made sure to hit them all. We all agreed that "The Griffin" is the best (and most thrilling) roller-coaster there. photos below

We ended the day by grabbing some sweets in the confectionary on the way out of the park. I opted for some chocolate covered strawberries on a stick, such a good choice. Then we made the drive home.

My nieces are the two on the outside.

You can see my sister waving on the end, her husband is next to her.

This shot is a total blooper, but I couldn't resist sharing. haha

Have you ever  been to Busch Gardens? What's your favorite theme park?


Karm Walters said...

Now that place looks like so much fun. I have never been there... or heard of it. But I am going to google it and put it on my places to visit. (:

Morgan said...

Too funny, when I first saw your photo I was like that looks like Busch...I have lived in Williamsburg my whole life :) You and your family should come back to Busch for Christmas Town when they transfer the park into a winter wonderland with millions of lights and all real Christmas trees, it's breathtaking! Glad you guys enjoyed our little town!

Next time you come back be sure to eat at some of the local hot spots: Pierce's Barbeque and The Cheese Shop that is right in Merchant's Square!

Marlen Komar said...

I've really been enjoying these on your Insta- that seriously does look like London! Or does it? I've never actually been these so who knows haha. You've been doing so many fun things lately- it's making me want to bust out into a road trip or something. You're making me antsy!

xo marlen
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Andréa Viza said...

ahh so jealous! busch gardens is my favorite amusement park and i haven't been in forever! they have so much to do and the theme really differentiates it from everyone else. so glad you had fun!


A.Viza Style

Emily S (Em Busy Living) said...

Wow... taking me back in time! I haven't been to Williamsburg since my senior year of high school. We were the misbehaving class haha so they wouldn't let us take a more extensive senior trip; BG it was! I would love to go back now!

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