The Look

It's amazing how something like blogging can bring out the best and worst in us. My life is filled with this swing of emotions. One minute I am so frustrated because I will never reach the status of a certain blogger or I will never have "the look" or no matter how hard I work, it will never be good enough. But then I find myself swinging the complete opposite way, too. How blessed I am to have made it this far, blogging has brought me to a place I never thought possible and helped me connect with people I never would have had a chance to meet, otherwise.

I was reading an old guest post I had done, years ago, and I was surprised by the words I had written. At the time they must have felt true, but in the moment I was re-reading it, years later, it was something I needed to hear, something I was struggling with now. I may not have "the look", nor will I ever, but who cares? "The Look" is boring. I am unique! I don't look like all of the other bloggers, I look like ME, I stand out.

As I thought about that, I pictured some other bloggers, whom I admire and look up to, one's who don't necessarily have "the look". I was suddenly struck by the confidence they exude, even through their blogs. Their uniqueness is exactly why I love them, so much! They are sure of themselves and of their style. It's something I need to be better at and try to emulate.

So if you have "the look" or if you don't, if you are tall or short, thin, curvy, athletic, blonde, brunette, red-headed, raven, freckled, flawless skin; whatever- just be true to you. Your differences make you beautiful. Your differences are what inspire others, they're what inspire me.

collared sweater- c/o sheinside
leggings- agnes & dora
necklace- c/o the land of salt
rings- c/o prismera / fifth & mae / style lately / loopsway / grandma's

This collared sweater is from SheInside and I love it! I have always really liked the collared shirt with a sweater look, but sometimes it can be uncomfortable to wear. This faux collar gives the same look without me having to wear two layers. It's like two shirts in one, plus it is really comfortable.

Do you have any tricks to making layered looks more comfortable?


Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

so gorgeous!!


Chrissy said...

I know exactly what you mean, Gentri. It can be hard accepting yourself in midst all this competition and sometimes we just question ourselves. I think that's normal and also a good thing - it helps us see ourselves for who we are and how we became the person we are. We are all unique and special in our own ways. I love watching your growth throughout the blog world, how you have changed over the years and the quality of your posts, photos, how you put your your thoughts into words and let us be a part of your life! You inspire me! Happy Monday, friend xxx

Rachel Porter said...

Thanks for this!! I'm 100% on board with you, girl

MacKensie said...

I just love this post. And you look stunning as always. xo

Jackie said...

I know where you're coming from with these feelings. I struggle with many internal dilemmas about blogging, but I assume many of us do. When I start getting bogged down by the negative, I actually like to look back at old posts and see how far I've come.

Loving that sweater and necklace combo!!

Something About That

steph nelsen said...

i've been using your quick contour number "3" method for years - thank you for blogging :) love, long time reader :)

Kaylie Marie Hooser said...

I want you to know that you are (and have been for years) one of the bloggers I look up to in every way! I love LOVE your unique style, and I hope you never feel like you need to change! Thanks for being who you are and for being someone to admire! Love you, lady.

Katers said...

Have you read The Happiness Project? I just finished a couple weeks ago and one of her main points was "Be Gretchen." It was such an "ah ha" moment for me. I always look at others and I want to be as talented or crafty or athletic or fit or whatever. But I just need to be me. It was so simple. But so brilliant. Be Katie. Be Gentri. How freeing.

Brandi said...

Amen to all of this. It's very destructive to compare ourselves to others. It makes us overlook our own accomplishments and blessings. Love this Gentri and I'm so glad that you have that confidence to know you're unique and beautiful and put out in the world something no one else can.

Andréa Viza said...

i love your look! i totally get how sometimes blogging/the internet can get discouraging but keep rocking at what your doing.



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