East Coast vs West Coast // Pt. 1

Moving away from home can be hard. But with so many forms of communication in the world, it's easy to stay in touch with your friends. Over a year ago, if you can believe it, I moved from Utah to Maryland. Then a few months later, my good friend Rachel, whom I met through blogging, years ago, moved farther west from Utah to Oregon. We now live on opposite sides of the country, but our friendship is stronger than ever!

Rachel and I were talking about East Coast vs. West Coast style and realized how different they are. So we decided to collaborate- each drawing inspiration from our current homes and the local fashions, we came up with two different looks to share. Each outfit features items from Lulus.com, which is a favorite of both Rachel and myself. They have so many different products to choose from and cater to ladies all over the country (and internationally).

East Coast style is very classic, the people here lean towards pieces that will stand the test of time rather than trends that come and go. It's rare to see people wearing bright colors and flashy patterns. The pallets are neutrals with minimal, yet sometimes statement making, accessories. They go for a watch rather than gold bangles, oxfords rather than sneakers, and black is always a great choice.

For this casual look, a denim jacket was perfect. It is a piece you can wear in twenty years and it will still look great, possibly better than when it was new; I paired it with a flowy, white tshirt, the ultimate go-to. Oxfords were my shoe of choice; they're practical and always in style. I topped off the look with a leather watch and leather bucket bag. This look is perfect for your day to day living- running errands, weekend activities, etc. It's comfortable and it's one you can count on always looking great.

you can find all of these items, excluding the shoes and watch, from Lulus.com
shirt // jacket // pants // bag

Be sure to check out Rachel's look for some amazing West Coast style!

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Rebekah said...

I know it's been a couple of weeks now, but I still am so excited about your haircut. It's like that style was made for you. It's seriously perfect.

Anyway, you nailed the East Coast style! It's perfectly classic and chic!

Having lived in Oregon and Maryland I can relate to both styles!

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