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Since I live the life of a nomad, never living here or there, blogging has been a huge blessing to me. It allows me to stay connected with those I love, share my experiences, and my business goes where I go! I can blog from anywhere in the world, and that is made even easier with the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook. It's light weight, sleek, and incredibly innovative. It makes keeping up with my blog, while traveling, a breeze!

What makes the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook so amazing, you ask? Well, the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook is the smallest 13-inch on the planet, fitting a stunning 13.3 inch display on an 11 inch size laptop. I love how the screen reaches nearly to the edge of the laptop itself, it really helps to show off photos while I'm blogging and editing. It has the worlds first infinity display (on a laptop) and weighs a tiny 2.6 pounds. It has a high performance, it's the Dell XPS 13 Laptop with 5th Generation Intel Core Processor, industry leading battery life (with up to 15 hours + 7 with the Dell Power Companion), Quad HD Display that has 5.7 million pixels (which is over 4.4 more than the MacBook Air 13 with HD), easy inputs, and it consists of premium materials with maximum durability!

I'm a sucker for fancy features, so the touch screen has completely won me over! I love that I can quickly reach up and click on whatever I'm looking for, rather than reaching back for the touchpad. I can open multiple screens at once, type, and quickly slide back to a previous page, all with the touch screen! I've had a blast with this laptop, so far.

Have you tried the new Dell XPS 13? It is perfect for those Individuals who travel a lot regardless of their profession and are looking for the best technology and a stylish design with the utmost mobility. Or for those who prioritize mobility but aren’t willing to give up the productivity of an attached keyboard or larger screen.

You can buy your Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook HERE or HERE

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