Throwback Making A Comeback

When I was little, my mom and grandma had a small boutique called TNTee (Terri & Nadene Tshirts). It actually did very well and people loved their designs. While it was short lived, we still see people wearing their shirts every now and then (rarely, but it has happened). This sweatshirt happens to be one of the few pieces still in our possession and possibly in existence, it's just one of the designs they had. The artwork was all done by my mom or grandma, they were very 90's, which is part of their brilliance; I wish I had a copy of their catalogue, I'd post pictures, for sure! I keep telling them they need to bring them back and they'd be a big hit (leave a comment if you'd buy one).

I must have been in a big throwback mood while I was writing this post, because I had a sudden urge to listen to Phil Collins... I'll admit, Sussudio is one of my favorite songs of all time, as is In The Air Tonight. So I looked up a playlist and have been jamming out ever since. It made sense to listen to some music I grew up listening to, while editing a post about a piece from my childhood.

sweatshirt- TNTee
Shirt- madewell
Jeans- c/o lulus
shoes- sam edelman
watch- c/o daniel wellington
dainty silver rings- c/o fresh tangerine

Who else out there is a Phil Collins fan? Or, a better question would be- who out there is NOT a Phil Collins fan. Because if you say you're not, you're really just lying to yourself...


Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

that sweater is SO cut! looks adorable on you.


Ariel Hamilton said...

Ummmm PLEASE tell them to make a comeback because I would totally buy that sweater or any other design similar to it.

Emma Deer said...

Mmmmmmm yes!

Chioma said...

i'm gad you made this sweatshirt come back because it's so cute and i love the history behind it! :)

C's Evolution of Style

Sandy a la Mode said...

you can seriously rock anything!

Sandy a la Mode

Taylor Hart said...

Cute little cacti sweater! Phil Collins is pretty awesome as well.

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