Memory Lane

As I was creating this post, I started to write about the weather... again... (*gag* I swear I don't talk about anything else, these days! So sorry about that). But I decided to tell you about the time I was in Tok, Alaska, instead. Because that memory decided to pay a visit, last night. I wasn't thinking about Alaska, I haven't even thought about this day for years... But sometimes I take spontaneous trips down memory lane, and I love it.

A few years ago, I stayed with my sister and her family in Alaska. We had driven from Utah and were spending the last night of our trip in Tok. It's a tiny town near the boarder of Alaska and Canada, it was the end of the season, so the place was practically deserted. We grabbed pizza at one of the only restaurants in town, bought some souvenirs for our parents (including a sweater that I don't think I ever actually let my mom wear... I decided it was mine, instead), and then headed to bed.

I wasn't sure if I'd ever get a chance to visit Alaska again, and I was determined to see the northern lights. I woke up every hour that night and stepped outside to see if they were visible. Around three o'clock in the morning, I gave up, unsuccessful and exhausted. The next day, we walked over to see the reindeer and baby sled dogs (which were adorable) before completing our journey to Anchorage, seeing wildlife and glaciers as we went.

That's it. That's the end of my story... While it's not much, I'm so glad that random night decided to revisit me. It definitely put a smile on my face and I was able to remember some small details I had forgotten. Like when the coyote ran across the road in front of us, or when we took pictures on the musher sled and my niece knelt in front of it, pretending to be a sled dog.

Do memories visit you at random? What memories did my story spark?

sweater- old (similar)
dress- old (similar)
tights- target
boots- c/o sven clogs
watch- c/o daniel wellington
prsim ring- c/o prismera

These boots are from Sven Clogs, and I love them, so much! The quality is impeccable, the style is so classic and timeless, and I can't get enough of this olive green color. I'll be hosting a giveaway for Sven Clogs, soon! So be sure to keep an eye out!

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Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

you look so gorgeous!! love the boots.


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