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I have been simplifying my life; cleaning out my wardrobe, minimizing things I "need", etc. This includes my skincare. Now, Im not saying I was giving myself daily facials, before; I mean "simplifying" as in using pure, organic, and real ingredients.

I have always had acne issues, not serious ones, but it was rare for me to be completely blemish free. So I finally knuckled down to find the source of my troubles. While I believe there are many factors, the ones that have made a major difference are the ingredients in the things I put on my skin; including makeup and skincare products.

When Imbibe reached out to me, I was more than happy to give their products a try. First, their branding is so beautiful, no one could resist! Second, they're located and inspired by the deserts of Southern Utah, which is a place very near and dear to my heart. But then I took a look at their ingredient list and was blown away. This is the company I was looking for! Their products not only look beautiful and smell amazing, but they work. My skin has been improving ever since I began using them.

I especially love the Perfect 9 oil cleanser. A lot of people are nervous when I tell them about oil cleansing. Their first question is "doesn't oil clog your pores?" and my answer is always "No, pure, natural oils won't clog your pores." In fact, oil dissolves oil, so it only makes sense to apply that to skincare.

Imbibe is letting me host a giveaway for two prizes- which means two winners! First, they're giving away a full size bottle of the Perfect 9 Oil Cleanser. Second, they're giving away one of their Daily Essentials Travel Sets!

BONUS- receive 15% off your Imbibe order with the code "gentrilee"

The giveaway will run for one week, good luck!
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OrigamiGirl said...

I'm trying to tackle my skin problems at the moment myself. I always have some kind of blemish, or little red spots. To be honest though I don't really know where to start with sorting it out or understanding ingredients. I've bought a bunch of organic-sounding products and am giving them a go. I never heard about using oil on your skin till very recently. Does it work for every skin type?

sofia said...

I have always struggled with acne/breakouts too! even know, and I'm 27... I started using an activated charcoal cleanser which seems to have helped, but I'd love to give this a try!

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