Slowing Down

^addicted to silver, lately (fresh tangerine rings // use the code holiday_gentrileeblog to receive 15% off your Daniel Wellington order) 

I've been really slacking on my blogging this year (you know, the two weeks so far), and I promise to be better. But for now, I'll do another iPhone photo post, because I can't remember the last time I really used my camera. I used to post weekly/ bi-weekly posts called "slowing down", and well, it's been a while, so I decided to post another.

cozy corner

red (clay) river

more silver & some favorite shoes (c/o stylish treasures)

purple potatoes that look like geodes

Have you been feeling slow to get going, this year?

Have a great week, everyone!
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Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

gorgeous photos!!


Mila Adams said...

i love the silver. you might be setting a trend here.



Claire said...

Well I haven't really had the chance to go slow this year being so busy with work and other life things. I want to slow down, but then I think, if I just do this one shift I can slow down next week next week better come quick!!

Kaylie Marie Hooser said...

Love all of these! And yes, so slow this year! I can think of all these things I'm supposed to have done already, but I just don't wanna. Haha It feels great to slow down and reflect a little though :)

The Charley Girl said...

Great shots, I love those rings!


Brandi said...

Love it all! And thanks for the little shout out ;).... I've been feeling slow to do anything lately! Come on 2015 show me something awesome!

Nicole Young said...

Mmmm I love me some purple potatoes!
I think we're all slacking on the blogging front, it's hard to get back into the routine after the holidays!

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