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I've got big plans for myself this year, and yes, even my list of goals includes the ever-cliché item- getting into better shape. To help inspire me, I like to try new apps or fitness gear. I've always wanted to try one of those devices that tracks your heart rate and a million other things while you work out, but I can never get myself to buy them and I don't think I'd love wearing a chest strap. Then I heard about the Intel SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds and had to give them a try. (I purchased these earbuds at Dick's Sporting Goods, but they're also available HERE.) They are not just regular earbuds, they do so much more and you can say "Bye bye chest strap"!

The BioSport's fitness-monitoring biometrics technology measures your heart rate with a built-in optical sensor, has premier sound quality, includes an integrated charging system, and will sync with the RunKeeper App (available for your smartphone). BioSport improves the consistency of data collection with an ear-wing design that sits deeper in the ear canal, and stays there, for continuous, real-time heart rate monitoring. Fusing fitness with technology, the built-in sensor continuously measures heart rate while dynamically removing noise signals caused by the body's motion during a workout. AND it has a built in microphone so you can answer phone calls without having to hold your phone to your ear.... What? Little earbuds can do all that? The answer is- Yes! And guess what, they're super simple to use...

First, download the RunKeeper App (get one free month of the app "Runkeeper Elite" with purchase of the earbuds) and open it up. Plug the earbuds into your phone and change it to "heart rate mode" on the slider. Start your activity and the headphones will do the rest! To answer a phone call, simply switch the slider back to the microphone.

It even has a button that you can use to play or pause your music (single press), switch to the next track (double press), go back to the previous track (triple press), or launch voice recognition (long press)! For phone calls, a single-short press answers it or mutes a current call and long presses decline or end calls. These earbuds can do everything!

If you want to try the Intel SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds, use the offer code "BioSport20" for 20% off SMS BioSport Headphones on SMSAudio.com (US only). Expiration date: 1/31/15

To expound on my goal to get into better shape...
I've decided to go on a spending freeze in January. I need to be much better at saving than spending. Most of my extra money goes to new clothes or shoes... So I've decided rather than buying new, why not fit into those items that maybe haven't fit for a while? I definitely need all the inspiration I can get, and I'm excited for these earbuds to help me on my journey!

What are some of your must-have products that keep you inspired and active?


Summer @ Banana Hammocks & Tutus said...

I need to fit into the things already in my closet too. I'm all about comfort and I know different stores size things differently, but when the clothes in your own closet stop fitting, that's a problem. I thought moving to Florida would help me continue to be in good shape, if not better. Too bad the opposite happened!

Andrea Kruse said...

Love your photos for this! Yes, I think I have a whole wardrobe worth of about 4 different clothing sizes. My goal this year is also to spend less on clothing, and fit into some of my favorites. Best of luck on your journey! #client

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