Foggy Weather

While I miss the luxury of summer, I can't help but absolutely love foggy winter weather. There is something about it that is so magical; it's a definite bonus when you live near water. While I haven't had a day where I could set off with my camera, I try to take pictures with my phone, whenever I can. Here are a few of my most recent foggy photos...

and the perfect foggy day companion, a great book with the cheeriest cover around.
(from anthropolgie)


Amy said...

oh my goodness!
the fog is stunning!
i can only imagine how beautiful a photo session would be in it!

Mila Adams said...

You're right about the foggy weather. It's absolutely stunning and peaceful.



Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

gorgeous photos!!


Claire said...

Hey! Happy 2015 :) We had freezing fog here the other day. Not much fun to drive in x

Brandi said...

Don't come back here. It's just been "smoggy". Not fun. ;)

Eryn Ivey said...

If you like that book cover, it is actually done by Rifle Paper Co based in Winter Park, FL (a subset of my hometown!). You'd LOVE their stuff. :)

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