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With Valentines Day approaching, I couldn't help but put together a little gathering for my family and one of our neighboring families. I am a fan of Valentines Day, even if I don't exactly (or at all) have a special someone to celebrate with. I have friends and family who love me and whom I love spending time with. There is almost nothing I enjoy more than quality time with the people I care about.

I found the new M&M's® Red Velvet while shopping at Walmart, and for some reason, when I pictured red velvet and a Valentine's day party, a "50's theme" is what kept coming to mind. So I ran with it... or at least was inspired by it.

Ponytails, chalk board art, marquee lights, and red lips; this party was so much fun to plan and shop for! I loved having an excuse to buy some giant and heart shaped balloons. I've also wanted some sort of marquee light for a long time. And of course, I love any excuse to play dress up! My sister said the hair + lips + glasses combo made me look like Wendy Peffercorn

I went with desserts only for food, which included- red velvet milkshakes (with M&M's® Red Velvet on top, rather than a cherry), fruit kabobs, and my sister made blondies. I also had treat bags for my guests to fill with candy- M&M's® Red Velvet, M&M's®and DOVE® Promises

For an activity, I had a Valentine making station. I cut out paper hearts, and had purchased a bunch of vintage style pieces for them to use- stickers, bags, tags, and glittery pencils. This was a big hit, especially with the kids! And in the background, we had a 50's love song spotify station playing.

I am no artist, so I drew inspiration from THIS print

I know this picture is more of an outtake... but it was my favorite. haha dog butt and all.

Whew! Sorry, that was a.lot. of pictures! I hope you made it all the way through and enjoyed them, I sure enjoyed the whole party planning process.

Do you enjoy party planning? Have you tried the new M&M's® Red Velvet?

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Brandi said...

I will definitely have to try out the M&M's. My mouth is watering. I love these photos. makes me want to come party and eat lots of goodies!

Rachel Porter said...

ok, WHAT. Leave it to you to create the most amazing party EVER! I love the theme and the way you incorporated yummy M&M's into your party!!! I want to come!

Allexis said...

Gentri this party looks SO great! I wish I lived closer so I could've come! Those shakes look SO yummy! Also, the 50s is seriously one of my FAVORITE decades!! Did you play any Frank Sinatra? He's the babe of my heart! ;)

Janet Krugel said...

This party looks amazing! You did a great job with all the decorations and the crafting station and it looks like your friends and family had a great time! Love everything about this! #client

Ariel Hamilton said...

Ummmmm these pictures are freakin GORGEOUS and I'm sad right now because I wish I could have attended this party ): love everything about this!!! xx

Kalee Hulka said...

This looks amazing, girl! You are too good. Where did you get that amazing heart light/sign?!

Leslie Dow said...

Wow! You are so talented! Love how creative you are. And those shakes look divine!! I love M&Ms. I'll have to try these!!

Brianna Rios said...

Omg, you are too cute!! Dove chocolates are my favorite treats to indulge on. Plus those shakes are to die for! :)

Lily Fang said...

Wow, what a beautiful setting with beautiful people! I'm usually not a fan of Valentine's Day, but I do appreciate how you made this about family and friends and their love, even if there's no boyfriend, partner, husband, whatever. We are definitely very lucky!

Also, I wanted to let you know I really appreciated one of your posts from way back about jealousy towards other bloggers. I think it's incredibly easy to be caught up in the numbers and feel disheartened when we compare our "progress" to that of other blogs. You're absolutely right--if we're just doing our thing and doing it as well as we can, then that's all we can ask form ourselves. And as long as people genuinely appreciate what we put out there, that's more important to me than flashy stats.

Allison said...

You are seriously adorable! Cutest Valentine party ever! LOVE it all!

Laura Mitbrodt said...

yummy those drinks look good

Heather Riccobono said...

I love everything about this party! The balloons, the Red Velvet milkshakes, the vintage valentines, and all the yummy treats! I just need to find some shoes as cute as yours and I'll be all set to host a party! #client

Marlen Komar said...

I've been loving the pictures on Facebook and I had suuuch a fun time scrolling through the rest of them here. This is so, so cute! I love that you went with a 50's theme here, it came together in such a playful way. The ponytails, the sunglasses, the fun tinsel garlands. I now need someone to throw a party like this in Chicago, haha!

And the Valentines making station was inspired- I loved doing that when I was in grade school. You're just the most adorable person :)

xo marlen
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Emily Smith said...

I love the heart shades!! And the decorations are perfect! -Emily Smith ourlovelydeseret.com

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