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When I was younger all I cared about were the "cool factors" in products. Does it have beautiful packaging? Does it meet all of the latest trend requirements? Is it what I saw on the runways? Well, as my skin starts to age, I find that there are more important questions I should be asking... and I really wish I had asked them sooner... Are the ingredients good for my skin? Does it protect my skin? Is it non-comedogenic? Now that I am "older" and wiser, I realize what really matters in a makeup product, and Jane Iredale is a great example of that.

Jane Iredale, which you can purchase from the Mindful Women Spa, is a wonderful line that will not only keep your skin young and healthy, but do the job it's meant to do. The makeup goes on light and yet delivers the full coverage that most women are looking for. It's going to protect your skin while making you look picture perfect.

For this post I wanted a warm, natural, and rosy look. First, I used the Jane Iredale concealer in an inverted triangle pattern to hide those dark circles under my eyes that weren't there a year ago... sigh, I am not loving this whole aging thing.

Then I used the bronzer to contour around the edges of my face, as well as the sides of my nose and under my cheekbones. You can easily achieve this by creating a "3" pattern starting from the center of your forehead, swooping down the outside of your face, coming in under the cheekbones, then back out and down under the jawline. I always drag it down my neck too, to fade out the contour affect.

Third, I added blush. I started with a powder blush and just swept it from the apple of my cheek and back. Then I added just a dab of a cream blush for a more dewey look.

Next will be your highlight. Follow the pattern you see below, apply the highlight then stipple it into the skin with your ring or middle finger.

Blend it all together with your Kabuki brush.

Lastly, I added a rose gold eyeshadow, two coats of mascara, and finished with the PureMoist Lipstick in 'Kaylee'.

tshirt from Everlane

The Mindful Women Spa is located in South Ogden, Utah and offers a wide variety of treatments. They're currently having a 12 Days of Christmas promotion, and today features the Jane Iredale Makeup. They are offering 20% off all Jane Iredale makeup plus a free lipstick with a $75 purchase! The special is for today only, so be sure to stop by if you're in the area.

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Lauren W said...

This look is so perfect for a holiday party!!! Love!!

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