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^photo from my most viewed post of 2014 (see below)

I thought it would be fun and interesting to do a little twenty-fourteen roundup; see what you guys enjoyed the most from my blog, this year. I was definitely surprised as I scrolled through to find the top-viewed posts.

The top posts in each category are ones that were not accompanied by giveaways or other large collaborations (still may have include sponsored products); but in the overall category that rule did not apply...

Top 5 Fashion Posts
1. Sari, Not Sorry- I'm not really sure what made this the most popular fashion post (without a giveaway), perhaps the title?
2. Road Trip Pt. 1- Moving Day
3. Vintage Time 
4. Waltz
5. I Don't Wear Pink, But When I Do

Top 5 Beauty Tutorials
1. Makeup Looks Of The 40's 
2. Facial Care Routine 
3. Easy French Tipped Nails
4. Summer Beauty
5. Simple Halloween Makeup

Top 3 Recipes (small category, they kind of won by default)
1. Friendsgiving Dinner
2. Applesauce Cookies
3. On-The-Go Parfait

Top 5 Adventure Posts
1. Gypsy Soul (the post where I announced my move)
2. Ellicott City
3. The World's Most Boring Highway
4. Foggy Mountaintop 
5. A Day In DC- My first time ever visiting the city and one of my favorite days to date.

Top 5 Posts of the year (including giveaways and/ or larger collaborations)
1. Get The Best Shave- This one was advertised by the sponsor, hence the large number of views
2. Midway With Brandi Pt. 1- I can't figure out what made this post so popular and I never posted the follow up... Is a year later too late?
3. Lonely Valentines- For all of you single or heartbroken souls out there
4. At The Beach- This one had a great giveaway attached and was probably my most self conscious post to date.
5. Sven Clogs Giveaway- Another great giveaway

Honorable Mentions...
The posts that best describe what this year has meant to me...
1. Free Spirit
2. Live Free
3. Simple and Good
4. More Than A Dream

Favorite Adventures...
1. Charlottesville/ Monticello Pt. 1 and Pt. 2
2. Exploring DC (really, every trip to DC is a favorite...)

Some of my favorite outfits...
1. Abandoned
2. Back in Black
3. Vintage Silhouette
4. The Dream Of The 90's
5. Easter Style

Whew! That was a lot more than I expected... Do you have a favorite post of mine you remember? What was a favorite or most popular post from your own blog? Share a link in the comments, I'd love to read it!
What would you like to see more of, on Gentri Lee, this year?
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Mila Adams said...

so excited to see what your blog will bring next year. Happy New Year!



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