Mira Espadrilles Pt. 1 // Sister Style

Having feet the size of a toddler isn't easy... It makes shoe shopping really hard. When Mira from Mira Espadrilles contacted me about sharing her product I was flattered and yet saddened. Mira Espadrilles is an amazing company; her shoes are adorable. They're an every-day shoes that goes with almost anything! Yet, I knew my little feet wouldn't stand a chance. But when I offered to style my sister in them and Mira agreed- my frown turned upside down. I love being able to give back to my sister sometimes, she does so much for me (including taking the majority of my pictures), she deserves to be spoiled.

So Mira graciously sent her some shoes to try and I will be featuring them here. We've got three outfits, total, that I will spread out a little. It was so fun to have my sister on the other end of the camera, for a change, and she really loves the shoes. They offer a little bit of a heel without being impractical for a mom on-the-go.

While Mira Espadrilles doesn't offer my size, they are working to expand their sizes (larger sizes first). They will also be adding more colors, a full rubber sole, and making the elastic in the front a little longer to give it more stretch. They're really taking a great shoe and making it even better!

scarf- wonderland boutique (not sure which vendor)
sweater- brickyard buffalo (not sure which vendor)
shirt- target (similar from target)
leggings- agnes & dora
shoes- mira espadrilles

For a limited time you can get your pair of Mira Espadrilles for $40 plus free shipping! They make a perfect Christmas gift, so be sure to take advantage of that amazing deal!

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brooke field said...

love it! you + your sister are beautiful!!

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