Nostalgic // Fall Fashion With Lulu's

If you check my blog daily, you may have read my "Five For Friday" posts. Today, I wanted to take a couple of those trends I've talked about and give them a real shot. Not that I have never worn these trends before, but it's been a while. Which is sad because I love both of them, so much!

The two trends I decided to use were the jumper dress and socks with boots. These are perfect trends for the cooler weather, and I love how classic they are. This outfit is almost head to toe Lulu's, one of my go-to companies when I'm looking for something specific. They always have a great selection and awesome prices!

This dress is very nostalgic for me. I had a corduroy jumper dress growing up and it was one of my favorites! It was purple and two of my best friends had the same one. Obviously we always planned to wear them on the same days.

shirt- lulu's
dress- lulu's
jewelry- lulu's (and ring you can't see)
socks- lulu's
watch- daniel wellington
shoes- nordstrom (major sale, only size 6.5 left and they run small so that's like a 5.5)

Have you tried out some different trends, lately? What kinds of outfits take you back to your childhood?


Mila said...

I'm so in love with those shoes! !Ahh

The Braided Bandit said...

I adore this! The jumper and blouse are perfect, and I am loving those sparkly ankle socks!
xo Hannah

crazyperfectlife said...

such a cute outfit!! Love it all!!

Rachel Porter said...

You're a babe.

Eccentric Owl said...

What a great idea to try out some trends! I haven't really done that lately, but I love the idea of it!
That pinafore is adorable.

nicole s. said...

you and i must have had the exact same dress, because i also had a brown corduroy jumper dress when i was a kid! it taught me the power of layering at an early age. i might have to snag that lulu*s dress just for nostalgia's sake as well!

also, you're the most adorable human always.

xo nicole

Kelsey Bang said...

You are the cutest! Love this darling outfit! Love that dress!


Marlen said...

oh my goodness, THIS OUTFIT. I'd wear this in a heartbeat. I'm kind of upset ive never owned a corduroy dress- I mean, where was I? The hunt is now on. Also, love how you styled this with the socks and booties. I feel like I can't wear booties just on their own- that tiny layer makes all the difference.

xo marlen
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Lauren Cooper said...

this look is SO YOU!!! I love it so much!!!

Sue Figueroa said...

THere's something about white with brown that I absolutely love!
You look adorable :)

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