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Hey Gentri Lee readers, I am Lo from Love, Lo. I am so excited to be guest posting today, and I am excited to talk about personal style. It's been a journey to find my voice through my very own style.

I'm 25 and I feel like I have just really come in to my own style, when it comes to what I wear and how I present myself. 
It can really be hard sometimes to be a woman in this world. With so many different voices trying to get you to be, look, and feel a certain way. For me it has taken years, really, to fight through trying to look like others.

Now, I realize how important it is to just look like ME! Wear what I feel looks the best on me. Wear what I feel the most comfortable in. Look how I want to look and not worry about what's in style or fashionable at the time.

If I could describe my look I would say I am tomboy chic. I am all about comfort and style- all wrapped in to one.

What's your style? What do you feel most comfortable in?
Xo, Lo

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Mila said...

Love this. And I'm still swooning over Lauren's new hair.


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