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Hi there Gentri Lee readers! What a pleasure to be writing to you today for Gentri’s “Know Your Style Series.” My name is Carley and I blog over at Little Bird Lee, where I like to write about life, style, and story. When Gentri approached me about contributing to this series, I was so flattered! I have long admired Gentri’s sense of style and her brilliant way of expressing herself through the written word. However, my state of flattery quickly dissolved into one of panic.

You see, I always seem to balk at the request to ‘define my style’ because I’m still trying to figure out what it is! My style is evolving and changing, and I have a hard time believing that I will ever reach a point in time when my sense of style remains static. I believe style is a dynamic reflection of self – it develops as we come to know ourselves better and understand how we want to present ourselves to the world. It’s incredibly personal. I also believe that style reflects lifestyle. What I choose to wear is heavily influenced by my daily life and routine. 

This became real to me when I moved overseas to England with my husband this past September and my lifestyle got turned upside down. As we settled into our new life in the UK, I went through a temporary wardrobe crisis. I felt that my closet no longer accurately reflected my lifestyle. My way of life had changed, and my style needed to be tweaked in order to fit with my new life. Some of this was practical. Cobblestones and high heels don’t necessarily mix. Curls and damp weather aren’t compatible, either. I now need shoes that can withstand walking for miles, and garments that are suitable to ride a bike in. My style has had to evolve to fit the realities of my current lifestyle. 

I’m happy to say that I didn’t need to go out and purchase an entirely new wardrobe; I just needed to look at my closet in a new light and rediscover my sense of style in a way that worked with my day-to-day life. Can I wear a dress and ride a bike? Most definitely. Have I discovered new hairstyles that withstand damp weather? You bet!

It’s hard to describe how I feel when an outfit just works for me - you know, those outfits that make you feel like you could take on the world. The elements of those world-shaking outfits have changed over the years, but they are always based on a combination of how certain garments make me feel, and how I choose to present myself to the world around me at that particular point in time. A few years ago it was scarves with every outfit, now I can’t get enough of full skirts and vintage pieces. 

So I suppose the question remains: do I “know my style”? I have to say it’s a work in progress, and that’s okay with me!

Have a beautiful day!



Brandi said...

I love her style and I'm slightly jealous she gets to explore and live in another country. would be so cool.

Beverly Houpt said...

Definitely agree about your style matching your lifestyle. I had a style crisis post pregnancy! But it's pretty fun to adapt :)

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