The Dream Of The Nineties

A few weeks ago, Kelsey came to visit DC and we were able to meet up for an evening. We had dinner, explore a little, and then grabbed some gelato. It was so fun to see a Utah friend here in DC and to "talk blog" to someone who doesn't get bored of the topic quickly. We discussed the trending nineties styles that are everywhere and how we both wanted to give them a try. So, we decided to each create our own nineties look to share, today! I really look up to Kelsey and her style, so you can bet her outfit is spot on; view it here!

As I was getting dressed for this post, the song from Portlandia- "The Dream of the Nineties" (one of my favorite shows, btw) was on repeat in my head (it's actually still going). I know this kind of look has been everywhere, lately, but I couldn't help giving it a try, and I loved it. So easy going and casual, but fun at the same time.

These clogs were thrifted and sent to me by my friend Brandi who runs her own instagram shop- Stylish Treasures. She is a genius when it comes to thrifting, I've never met her equal. (Definitely follow and check her shop regularly. Since it is a thrifted shop, there is generally only one of each item, and they go quickly.) These clogs were the perfect addition to my nineties outfit.

hat- stolen from my dad's closet...
tshirt- everlane
plaid shirt- vans
jeans- nordstrom
clogs c/o- stylish treasures
watch c/o- daniel wellington
necklace and rings c/o- fifth & mae

I feel like I have so much to say about this outfit and so little time... Everything I'm wearing is a favorite of mine. I picked up these jeans at Nordstrom Rack last week and want to wear them every day! I have searched high and low for boyfriend jeans that work on my short frame and about cried when I put these on. This tshirt is from everlane and to be perfectly honest, it is my favorite tshirt I've ever owned! Sign up and get your own, here! The hat is my favorite hat, I love it more than my wide brimmed hats and my beanies, which is saying a lot. It fits just right and I think the fact that I stole it from my dad makes me love it more... That kind of makes me feel like a bad person... But he has so many hats and just laughed whenever he saw me wearing it, so I'm going to say it's ok and it wasn't a sin. Last but certainly not least is this watch from Daniel Wellington. It is so perfect it will be getting a post all it's own, next week; so stay tuned!

Be sure to check out Kelsey's 90's look!


Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

you look SO adorable! love the clogs.


Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

you look SO adorable! love the clogs.


Andrea said...

My dad has the same hat:) and we're re-watching Portlandia right now. So good.

Ariel Hamilton said...

dat hat doe. ;)
miss you love you

The Egg said...

I'm dreaming of a Men's Watch for my birthday :)

Because of Jackie said...

Love this! I am a nineties girl and adore that this style is coming back (though a bit more modern than the original stuff, thank goodness!)

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