Simple Halloween Makeup // Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes

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I have never been someone who lived for my halloween costume. Often it was thrown together last minute and usually it was pretty lame. And even though I'm a makeup artist, I personally don't like wearing a lot of makeup (and I don't have one of those faces that can take a ton of makeup) and usually wash it off as soon as I get home. So this year I have resorted to wearing my halloween t-shirt and maybe adding some fun yet simple makeup. I wanted to share some of my ideas with you today, in case you're like me or something prevents you from going all out with your halloween ensemble. I have also stocked up on some Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes from Walmart to ease my makeup woes. With a couple swipes, these makeup remover wipes take off even the heaviest of makeup applications.

First, I decided to add some fun eyeshadow and liner. I applied a highlighting shadow all over my lid and then a matte brown in the crease and extended it to the inside corner of my eye and up to my brow. The liner was really fun- I applied a heavy cat-eye and then using a small, fine makeup brush, I added some orange lipstick(!) under the wing and on the inside corner of my eye.

For my lips, I applied a very dark (I wanted black but couldn't find any without going online) lipstick. But to take it a step further, and to really accent and define the lip color, I used a white eyeliner to trace my upper lip. While I wouldn't do this everyday, it's perfect for halloween or other dress-up events to really define that lip line.

Lastly, I decided to be a little more creative than usual with my nails. I painted them black and used a "smokey" topcoat to add some dimension and topped it off with some polka dots in white.

So, I didn't realize I was holding the product upside down until I was editing these pictures... Please forgive me!

Makeup free with the help of (less than) one Neutrogena Cleansing Wipe!

You can use one or all 4 of these (or use them to inspire) tips to create a look of your own. You can join the Neutrogena Face Off Challenge by sharing your halloween looks and using the hashtag #NeutrogenaFaceOff, I would love to see what you come up with!


Margie P. said...

I love the red in the eyes! I will have to try this #client

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

LOVE your lip color!


Abbey Rodriguez said...

The thumbnail in my Blogger feed scared the CRAP out of me! You and your spooky ways! I still won't ever forget that story about the ghost in your photos a few years ago. That was you, right? Eeeep!

Love the makeup!

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