Philly For A Day // Part Two

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After lunch we decided to take the long way back to the car and walk through China Town. I loved seeing all of the street vendors and the intricate architecture. Then we headed to another part of the city to explore a local "Phair" (philly fair) where they had a bunch of local vendors set up shop. I wish I could have bought something from each of them! Definitely check out Urban Cabin Soap Co., their black magic soap smells like campfire! (which kind of seems like an odd thing for soap to smell like, but it'd make a perfect gift for the man in your life) We then ended our day in Philadelphia by exploring the grounds of the Art Museum. We walked ran up the steps, just like Rocky, then headed home, exhausted and melting from our day of adventure.

I seriously love this photo! My niece came up with the pose all on her own. I just snapped the picture.


thesubtlehipster said...

Awesome photos! I have yet to visit Philly. I love how every big city has a chinatown with intricate architecture of their native country. However, all I can think of at this point are "philly" cheesesteaks and dim sum.

Karm said...

what a fun and pretty place. I bet those steps were a work out.

Sandra Dötsch said...

Looks like quite a cool and beautiful place to discover :)

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