Maryland Decor Tour Pt. 2 // Tiny Prints

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Continuing on with my decor tour-
In this post you'll see more items that I've gathered from thrift and antique shops; a dream catcher made by my friends Lo, Ariel, Rachel, Bri, and Jess; post cards I've gathered from my travels or have received from others; the start of my colored glass collection; and an array of other personal items.

I am loving my "Live Victorious" personalized pillow and monogrammed notebook from Tiny Prints. They're both personal and fit right in with the rest of my decor. I've already started using the notebook for meetings, goals, and idea lists and the pillow was the finishing touch that my couch pillow collection needed.

I love that everything I have placed around my living space has a story, I could tell you where it came from and why it's special. That's why I enjoy thrift and antique shopping so much, the items come with a story and I get to add my own to them.

(Again, I apologize for the low-quality pictures. There's not enough lighting for photos in every corner my basement apt, so I had to do a lot of adjusting)

Have you posted a decor tour of your space? I'd love to see it- leave a link in the comments for me!


thesubtlehipster said...

I absolutely love it! I adore the antlers and you have foxes of course! I wanted to reply to your last comment - I actually don't have a blog post (yet) on my decour. It's a cluttered mess. Think college living.

Mila said...

I love all the simple details in this. Especially that dream catcher. Swoon!


Nnenna said...

Your apartment is so nice! I love all of the personal, unique touches you've added :)

Nnenna said...

Your apartment is so nice! I love all of the personal, unique touches you've added :)

Shirley said...

ahh literally Apartment goals!
so so pretty and I've always wanted/liked the all white sort of room decor(:

hope you decide to stop by soon(:

xx Shirley

Lauren Cooper said...

That dreamcatcher sure looks great! ;) Seriously though I love your living space! Come help me with minnnnnne! xoxox

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