Philly For A Day // Part One

About a week and a half ago I walked in the door, home early from work, and announced that I had a long weekend and wanted an adventure. A few hours later, my family and I were off on a spontaneous trip to Philadelphia! It was exactly what I needed and my adventurous spirit was alive with excitement. We spent the night in a hotel then woke early the next morning to begin our day of exploring.

I took a solitary morning walk to starbucks to grab breakfast for my sister and I where I passed by the fountain and "love" sign; I thoroughly enjoyed the peace and quiet- an oxymoron in such a large city. We then headed over to Independence Hall for a tour, saw the Liberty Bell, toured Betsy Ross' home, then took a break for lunch. There was no question what we were having for our mid-day meal, because when you're in Philadelphia, you do as the Philadelphians do, which means we ate Philly cheese steak sandwiches. It was a first for all of us and my, oh my, were they delicious! After lunch we hit up a few souvenir shops where I grabbed some post cards for my ever-growing collection.

Stay tuned for part 2!


Taylor Hart said...

I seriously love Philly! There is sooooo much history there. I even love walking the streets just looking at the old buildings. Did you see the huge battle ship while driving over the bridge? That too is pretty amazing in itself. I forget the name of the famous street that has all the awesome boutiques on it but I did some major shopping while I was there. Also, if you ever go back eat at "The white Dog" which is attached to a little store called "The Black Cat". Looks like you all had soooo much fun. I'm super jealous!!! I need to get back there like now!

Rachel Lately | Austin Style Blog said...

The amount of jealousy I'm feeling right now is huge, haha! I have always wanted to go to Philly! So much history there... And that Philly Cheesesteak looks bigger than you! ;)

Rachel Lately | Austin Style Blog

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

great photos!! that cheesesteak looks amazing!


Oleah Olaguera said...

lovely photos! looks like you guys had fun (:

xoxo, Oleah

Marlen said...

I love how this was so spontaneous! Just "nah, I don't feel like staying here this weekend. Let's go explore!" You're my kinda lady ;) And my favorite part was your solitary walk to grab coffee- I love quiet mornings like that. They're usually few and far between :/

xo marlen
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