My Farmer's Market

Every Friday night, during the warmer months, the little town where I live hosts a farmers market. It's right along the boardwalk; the ocean on one side, the tiny, quaint shops on the other. People bring their dogs, musicians play folksy music, and everyone lines up to fill their buckets with the famous kettle corn. The market ends in a couple weeks and I will miss it, dearly. The smells, the sights, the energy in the air; it's all contributed to the fond memories I have of this past Summer.

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splendourandrouge said...

Lovely Photos!

Marlen said...

these pictures are gorgeous! i especially love the first one with the pumpkins. im slowly but surely warming up to the fact that summer is leaving us. it's hard to be grumpy about it what with all the coziness :)

xo marlen
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Breanna Faust said...

Where we are moving to in Washington State there is a farmers market and I'm beyond excited for this :) Lovely photos girl!

Erin Christine Photography said...

I love my farmers markets :) Love the pumpkin shot!

Claire said...

looks perfect, and I have no idea what Kettle Corn is!!

Karm said...

Beautiful photos

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