Maryland Decor Tour Pt. 1 // Uncommon Goods

I guess after living in Maryland for almost seven months(?!), it's time I gave you a "decor tour" of my basement apartment. This is only part one of the tour, part two will come next week. The lighting in my basement isn't the greatest for photos, at least back where these photos were taken, so excuse the graininess. But here is a little peek into my space...

I am absolutely loving my cardboard sr. moose head (fred) from Uncommon Goods (they have an amazing selection of gifts for women HERE and personalized gifts HERE)! Nothing else that I have put on this wall has worked, and he just made himself right at home. It was so fun putting him together, it made me feel like I was being crafty, even though it was all laid out and explained for me... Uncommon Goods has some amazing products for home decor and gifts for yourself or others. Definitely check them out! They even have other cardboard taxidermy to choose from- HERE!

Almost all of my decor has been thrifted (or comes from target). I love gathering trinkets and things from antique and thrift shops. The quality of those items is so much higher than things I'd find in most stores, today, and they tell a story that make my space interesting. You'll see my vintage, silver tea set; lots of vintage, gold frames; a cuckoo clock that I picked up for two dollars (again- ?!), my "vintage" style record player; and a lot of photos from my mom's childhood or some of my own instagram prints.

How do you decorate your personal spaces? What would you say your decor style is? Be sure to check out Uncommon Goods and get yourself or someone else some fun gifts!


Brandi said...

Looks amazing Gentri. My room is full of vintage goodness with sentimental value which I LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE. That is my favorite way to decorate.I need to learn to place things on the wall though. I have nothing up!

thesubtlehipster said...

I love the moose! I have a mix of things that highlights my personality. Colorful elephants, black and white candles, books, and memories on my wall.

Marlen said...

Ahhh love your gallery wall! I love the vintage, gilded frames- so, so charming. And that moose head was just the perfect touch- I love it above the tea set like you styled it. The delicate vintage against the modern cardboard is such a fun mix :)

xo marlen
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Andrea said...

Oh my goodness, I'm loving this. We're in a basement apartment too, and it's so rough having hardly any natural light. I'm trying to figure out how we can make it feel more "home-y" and cute with our limited time and limited budget. I'll have to post what I come up with -once I come up with it;) I love what you've done. Can't wait to see the rest.

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